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Core board and Kit

Banana Pi BPI-RK3588 LGA BGA Core board and development Kit with Rockchip RK3588

RockChip RK3588
CPU quad ARM Cortex-A76 and quad Cortex-A55 consists of an eight-core CPU processor
GPU ARM Mali-G610 MP4
NPU:[email protected]
support 4GB / 8GB LPDDR4C
support 32GB / 64GB / 128GB eMMC
Android 12.0
Linux system
LGA BGA design, easy to customize base plate
Support all industrial grades 
    Banana Pie BPI-RK3588 LGA BGA  package core board based on RK3588 design.  RK3588 uses the typical size of 4 core Cortex-A76 and 4 core Cortex-A55 core architecture, large core main frequency 2.4GHz, small core main frequency 1.8GHz. Built-in 6.0T NPU for AI, with strong visual processing ability, can support a variety of fast face unlock schemes such as structured light and TOF; Support rich display interface, up to 8K display processing capacity; Strong scalability, support PCIE3.0, SATA3.0, dual TypeC/USB3.1 and other high-speed interfaces, can do AI computing, image data processing and other expansion. For ARMPC, High-end tablets, Edge Computing Servers, Virtual Reality, NVR, 8K TV, etc.

    Product features:
    * The best size, ensure all GPIO outlet at the same time, the size is only 50mm x 45mm x 4.1mm;
    * Use dual channel LPDDR4(X) design, can support 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB capacity;
    * Support android12.0, debain11, ubuntu Buildroot, Kylin Linux and other operating systems;
    * Rich extension interface, SATA3.0, PCIe2.0, PCIe3.0, I2S, CAN, SPI, UART, SPDIF, SDIO3.0, MIPI-DSI, MIPI-CSI, USB3.0, USB2.0, GPIO
    * Stable and reliable products, after a large number of high and low temperature, repeated restart, copying machine 7 days 7 nights do not crash;
    * Has completed full work regulations verification.

    Core board main spec:
    SOC RockChip RK3588
    CPU Quad Core A76+ Quad Core A55 ,use 8nm , 2.4GHz
    GPU ARM Mali-G610 MP4 GPU,Support OpenGL ES3.2 / OpenCL 2.2 / Vulkan1.1, 450 GFLOPS
    NPU 6 TOPS,Support INT4/INT8/INT16 mixed operation,Support framework switching of TensorFlow/MXNet/PyTorch/Caffe
    Incode&Decode incode:[email protected] H.265/VP9/AVS2、[email protected] H.264 AVC/MVC、[email protected] AV1、[email protected] MPEG-2/-1/VC-1/VP8 ,decode:[email protected] H.265 / H.264
    Ram 4GB/8GB/16GB(up to 32GB)64bit LPDDR4/LPDDR4x/LPDDR5,Defalut LPDDR4 8GB
    Flash 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB eMMC,support MicroSD card slot,Defaut :32GB

    Banana Pi BPI-W3  design base on BPI-RK3588 LGA BGA  package core board。Use can choose BPI-W3 to do development,If you want to plan your own products, you just need to redesign the bottom plate and mass production quickly。

    BPI-RK3588 LGA BGA Core board online Wiki documents:
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