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Banana Pi joined the GIoT Innovation Alliance and became the deputy director unit

Time:2019-05-21 Views:1128

On May 21, The Greater Bay Area (Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau) Internet of Things Peak Forum and The Greater Bay Area Internet of Things Innovation Alliance was successfully held and established in the International Conference Hall of Rongyi Building, Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial District, Dongguan, China.Banana Pi Open source community is the Vice director unit of the GIoT Innovation Alliance

Zhu Peijun, deputy general manager of China Telecom. He gave a speech entitled "Building an IoT Eco-Promoting Industry Innovation", focusing on the contribution made by China Telecom in the 5G and the technical solutions for promoting industrial innovation. He pointed out that the IoT is the best way to help the industry transforms and upgrades.

Jiang Tao, Huawei Technologies. He made a report entitled "The Discussion of 5G Smart Urbanization ". He introduced the status quo of 5G development and support for industrial development. He compared the progress of 5G development at home and abroad, explained the application of 5G in smart city applications, and painted a fascinating 5G urban ecology.

Tian Xueli, General Manager of Shenzhen Jinjiahezhi Technology, gave a speech entitled “Perceive Consumers in the World of Things”. He proposed that packaging is the largest IoT “traffic portal”, and he pointed out that the combination of IoT and smart packaging will become a major application scenario for the IoT in the future. Finally, he showed a wine package with VR technology, bringing a new experience to the participants.

The conference used the form of a roundtable forum to provide in-depth details on the technical status of the development of the IoT, the application status of the IoT technology, the IoT and smart city construction, and the training of the IoT. Regarding the knowledge and views of the IoT technology, everyone agrees that the IoT is the best “entry point” to support the current industry innovation and transformation. They think that we must seize the opportunity to promote the integration of IoT technology. It is necessary to build a new industrial cluster area based on the IoT technology and form an industrial cluster with distinctive characteristics.

The conference set up an industrial development exhibition area to show the latest technologies and achievements in the field of Internet of Things. These technologies are combined with specific industrial fields, such as packaging, logistics, and cold chain systems.

The establishment of the GIoT Innovation Alliance is the first alliance in the Greater Bay Area with the Internet of Things. The Innovation Alliance consists of academicians, entrepreneurs and scholars. There are 53 sponsors of the Innovation Alliance, 37 of which are governing units.

At present, China‘s IoT has entered the application stage of cross-border integration, integrated innovation and large-scale development. As an innovative investment and financing incubation and integration platform, Rongyi Innovation Group hopes to gather core industrial resources, drive industry leading enterprises, and form an industrial innovation ecological network.

The Innovation Alliance integrates the industrial chain through seven major services, such as knowledge sharing, market support, talent cooperation, activity sharing, platform construction, standard co-location, and capital advancement.

The interconnection and sharing between alliance members will mainly do the following three aspects: First, to build an interactive exchange platform between the alliance, and to cooperate with IoT industry at home and abroad;

Second, to develop a group of listed companies based on “big data, 5G industry, artificial intelligence, smart transportation, smart home and other sub-sectors.” At the same time, it has cultivated a number of small and medium-sized enterprises, and also provided high-quality project acquisition targets for listed companies. Third, to invest he construction of the Internet of Things Industry Incubation Base and the Accelerator Base, and to set up industrial funds for the simultaneous development of bases and funds to promote the development of the Internet of Things industry.

the Internet of Things technology is known as the Third Revolution in the information science and technology industry and is listed by the state as one of the nine emerging strategic industries. According to the prediction “the global Internet of Things industry will reach 1 trillion US dollars in 2020.” In the upcoming 5G era, the Internet of Things will be integrated into all aspects of industry, agriculture and modern service industries, it will help to improve production efficiency and change people‘s lifestyles, bringing new changes to human life.