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Banana Pi community full support the 2nd Allwinner university maker competition wrap up

Time:2017-04-14 Views:289

12 teams from 13 universities in 28 provinces of China have participated in the maker competitions which started in October 2016. Through mass-election, section competition, quarter competition, 12 teams got into play-offs from 210 projects. banana pi BPI-M2 Ultra is the official development board .

banana pi BPI-M2 Ultra is the official development board .

Since October 2016, the second "Quan Zhi Cup" Minimally Invasive Guest University Challenge has attracted 378 teams from 135 universities in 28 provinces across China. From chengdu university of electronic science and technology, China ocean university, huazhong university of science and technology, Harbin industrial university/university of electronic science and technology, tianjin university, shenyang institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, wuhan university of science and technology, xi ‘an university of posts and telecommunications, northwestern polytechnical university, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, guilin university of electronic science and technology, Beijing institute of technology zhuhai college institute of the 13 universities 12 units Wu fought his way out of 210 maker projects!

After fierce competition in the four major divisions and finals, ocean Star team of Ocean University of China won the final crown! Congratulations to them! Cheers, the outstanding holding of this competition also caused the extensive attention of people from all walks of life, small ambition to take you to see the big competition in the end where! 

This "Quanzhi Cup" minimally invasive Guest University Challenge is jointly held by Quanzhi Technology, ARM, Anchuangspace, Banana Pi, Roobo, Zhuhai High-tech Zone Management Committee, Zhuhai High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center, 360eET intelligent hardware education platform, etc. Is in accordance with the bridge structures, the depth of the cooperation between universities and enterprises, for the purpose of the contest of college talent output provide the channel, to create more high-quality scientific and technological innovation results display and exchange platform, further improve the innovation ability of college students in the field of embedded application, training students‘ team consciousness of independent innovation entrepreneurship, for the college students pour a electronic design contest. 
Highly technical project

The 12 finalists involved intelligent hardware, smart home, security, robotics, drones and other fields; Using a number of popular technologies such as holographic projection, radar detection, Bluetooth communication, VR and so on, their works can be a bar drop!

Senior judges and professional judges


Champion: Marine Star from Ocean University of China

Underwater ADAS: Making use of the Banana pi M2U board to accomplish debluring underwater videos and pictures and also to trace and measure multi-objects underwater.

Runner-up: Hands_Free team from Northwestern Polytechnical University

Hands_Free robot platform: Using pcDuino3B to control the movements of the robots using SDK and API.

Second Runner-up: XiaoHei maker team from Huazhong University of Science and Technology

MagicBox: To create characters virtually using the holographic technology and to communicate with the characters.


Champion:Marine Star from Ocean University of China


In addition, SIA-Robot from Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cow Guard from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Robot+ from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China/Harbin Institute of Technology won the best Technical Difficulty Award, the best Market Application Award, the best creative work award, and six teams won the winning award. 

List of "Allwinner Cup" Winners: