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AIworld Products

AIWorld is a series of AI development kits launched by Vyagoo Technology Co., Ltd. and Banana PI in depth,which give full play to Vyagoo's research and development advantages in the field of AI and Banana PI's strength in the field of development board. Based on the complete hardware and software platform provided by AIWorld,you can quickly for the image of intelligence,AI and other latest technology products in the field of product concept to achieve the prototype,and the latest ideas into the specific product system.

Main features:
  • -Support for OpenCV v3.2. Provide a variety of visual algorithm library.
  • -Support OpenMP V1.0, to provide intelligent visual algorithm parallel computing.
  • -ARM Computer Library 17.06, support based on neno optimization library.
  • -Support Gstreamer V1.10, provide a variety of codec format. Support RTSP, http, HLS network flow.
  • -Support OpenMax V1.0, docking Soc hardware coding and decoding.
  • -Support QT5.9. Support eglfs, can be based on opengles2.0 development of various image applications.
  • -Support acoustic network.
  • -Provide VecooAT debugging tools, support adb push and adb pull command, support through usb and 
    wifi debugging, support wireless burning mirror, to facilitate the developer to debug.

AIWorld P1
AIWorld P1 is a module used with the BPI-M2 Ultra / Berry development board, each function provides a collection of proprietary hardware modules AIWorld, For the use of BPI-M2 Ultra and Berry users contact AIWorld platform provides the fastest simple way.
Key Features:
Item Spec.
Camera OV5640
IMU ICM20602
Structions for use:
1. insert AIWorld P1 into the gpio port of BPI-M2 Ultra or M2 Berry.
2. mirror the instructions in Part V (SDK and Mirror Instructions) download and burn.

AIWorld V1
AIWorld V1 is a full-featured intelligent visual development board. It can support binocular 720P @ 30fps, support IMU, run the Linux system provided by Vyagoo.
Key Specifications:
Item Spec.
CPU Quad-core cortex -A7 @1.2G
GPU mali-400 MP2 @ 384MHz
RAM 32bit 1G DDR3 (shared with GPU)@576M
Memory 8GB eMMC / MicroSD Card
Video In Dual support 720P @ 30fps, single support 1080P @ 30fps
Video Out HDMI 1.4 1080P@60fps, MIPI DSI
Audio Out HDMI,Speaker
IMU ICM20602
USB 1x USB 2.0, USB OTG(Micro USB)
GPIO UART x2;Debug UART;I2C x2; SPI x1;
OS Linux and Android

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