Banana Pi

The BPI open source computer product line contains boards of all different powers and functions. The boards can run Linux and Android, making them perfect for DIY projects.

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The engineers at BPI are excited to be working on the latest Internet of Things project. We are making open source connected devices that any one can use to automate their home.

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We are a consumer tech company that design and manufacture banana pi boards and IoT devices. We can also cater to specific needs and build boards to meet your specifications.

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Banana Pi Single Board Computers

Banana Pi M2 Berry

Quad-core ARM Cortex A7, 1GB RAM,WiFi and BT,GigE and SATA ...

Banana Pi Zero

compact Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7, 512MB RAM,WiFi,BT4.0 ...

Banana Pi BPI-R2
MT7623N,Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7, 2GB RAM,8G eMMC, SATA,PCI-e...
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Banana Pi IoT


Tiny NB-IoT board with rich features runs RTOS

IP Monitoring Camera

WiFi and app enabled camera that captures 720p HD videos.

Thermostat Controller

Z-wave enabled thermostat controller.

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Banana Pi BPI 4.0 ODM&OEM

Having been doing R&D in embeded systems for more than 12 years. Our experienced teams are able to help you to carry out your dream. Whether you want to customize banana pi or want to design a computer from scratch, we got you covered. Also, our modern ISO factory spans over 10,000 square meters can help you mass manufacture products to hit the market.

  • your Idea, we will help you optimize and design.
  • your Design, we will help you bring it to live.
  • your Product, we will help you mass produce it.
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Our modern factory located in Shenzhen spans over 10,000 square meters and can mass produce high technology computer boards.

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Our engineering team is comprised of both experienced and innovative engineers to design and produce the best PCB possible.

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Our parent company SinoVoip and Foxconn has extensive connections with various large SoC and chipset manufactures to bring you the best technologies available.

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Our warm and professional service team will communicate with you and offer help and assistance throughout your project with us.

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