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Banana Pi BPI-M2U

Quad Core Board with 2GB RAM, 8GB eMMC, WiFi.

Banana Pi BPI-M64

64 Bit Quad Core A53 Board with 2GB RAM, 8GB eMMC, WiFi.

Banana Pi BPI-M3

A powerful octa-core single board computer boasting high-end specs.

Banana Pi BPI-M2+

Minimal design. The M2+ is a quad-core mini single board computer.

Banana Pi BPI-M2

Basic upgrade. The M2 is a quad-core computer with WiFi onboard.

Banana Pi BPI-M1

The classic, trendy Banana Pi. This original board never gets old.

Banana Pi BPI-R1

A dual-core open source router that has 4GbE LAN and wireless n.

Banana Pi BPI-M1+

The classic M1 upgraded with a WiFi chip onboard.

Banana Pi BPI-D1

An open source IP camera perfect for DIY projects.

Banana Pi BPI-G1

The next generation of IoT hub with WiFi, Zigbee, and BT support.